• Jensen Nancy

    where is the buy bitcoin button located?


  • Mike Grein

    I keep hearing you can use the wallet for Bitcoin Cash but don't see a way in my wallet! A little help please?

  • wwjd_janet

    I changed phones snd I can’t find my coins:-( I’ve called different numbers with no help. Please help me 4168545496 how can I see my bitcoins back on my phone?

  • Jwarren9816

    My phone was stolen. How do I recover my account?

  • Jwarren9816

    I still have receipt with qr codes. Can they be reloaded?

  • diego de lima oliveira

    Can not mycelium transactions be made to another portfolio? I am 0.12 btc stopped and can not send to any other exchanger


    I'd like to store bch in my mycelium not just view an address with jt and only A way to turn it into btc.. I went some bch wallets added so I can use it just like btc i currently hold both

  • Frank j Fischetta

    I want to buy bitcoins


    Me 2

  • Fabian Castillo

    Buenas noches alguien sabe porque han pasado mas de 6 días de que hice una transferencia de la billetera Uphold de 100 dolares a la billetera Mycellium y es la hora que no he recibido.

  • oziegbe Godfrey

    A wrong DUPLICATE REFERENCE CODE was sent to me and my bitcoin company is rejecting the payment.
    Please help me

  • Mike French

    How can I add money to my bitcoin wallet using the atm when I changed the phone number of my cell phone. Do I need to go through the whole verification process again?

  • bitextrade

    Scam … we’re simply using the API of the Mycelium to receive payments from our users, and we had a serious Problem
    The user paid $1000 for a service, the API reported that paid, activate bo system, but where was the $1000?

    Nobody knows, on our portfolio registered does not appear. 2 days already I’ve forwarded 6 emails and no answer. Not to mention that the bitcoin is in Fall and lost more than 10% of value if we responded and sent.

    Don’t trust on the API and in the wallet of the mycelium, already had other uncomfortable and doesn’t work properly.
    Without support.

  • Lisette Faneite

    Hello please help me how to recovery my bicoin the my wallet please let me know tkanks

  • Lisette Faneite

    Necesito ayuda mi monedero no tiene el saldo

  • Wwppccqq



  • shaali liton

    Support Me?

  • Alpha100

    Where you put my Bitcoins they are gone??????

  • Chabokimohsen1

    what happened to mycelium wallet long confrims

  • Jhonny Alexander Gomez Hurtado

    Hola yo estoy igual hace 3 meses mande soporte mi saldo no aparece y no me han dado solución. Si alguien sabe como hacerlo por favor indicarlo. Gracias

  • robert butterworth

    Is there a support number.
    I have sent lots of emails

  • Keith Czarniewy

    My phone won't turn on I got new phone yet my twelve key words aren't working I need them tomorrow for rent I have key words I wrote them twice once on my computer on my windows notes second on paper. The twelve words stop me at 11

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